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Aviatec's mission is to provide superior education to existing and potential Aviation professionals and render them knowledgeable and competent to face any challenge that will arise on the field. Our graduates will promote Safety, Quality, Productivity and Excellence within their employing organisations, adding value to the highly demanding Aviation Industry.


In the next 20 years, airlines will have to add 25,000 new aircraft to the current 17,000-strong commercial fleet. By 2026, the aviation market will need 480,000 new maintenance technicians, causing demand for aviation professionals to exceed supply.

In order to contribute to this future shortage of aviation professionals, Aviatec has created an environment that will allow the next generation of mechanics to lead the development of aviation’s future.

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In addition to the EASA Maintenance Training full courses, we also provide a series of special short courses as well as courses on European Regulations for operators and Part 145, Part M organisations.

Our courses have the flexibility to be adjusted in order to meet each organisation's certification requirements, by jointly identifying and agreeing to any necessary additional training syllabus or specific training objectives.

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In close cooperation with our affiliated company AVIASEVEN we can offer our students further involvement in aircraft management and maintenance, post certification. Upon completion of the modular course, our graduates have the opportunity to fulfill the necessary two year practical training regulatory requirement (OJT - On Job Training) and then apply for their Aircraft Maintenance Licence. The opportunity is also available to our Type Training graduates to fulfill the requirement of four months OJT, in order to amend their licence with the first type rating.

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For Aviatec, aviation consulting is integrated as one of the primary services available to our customers. With more than 200 combined years of aviation experience, Aviatec can deliver the know how that your organisation needs, seamlessly integrated into your annual development program.

Our consulting services include:

● Quality System Services

● Authoring of Aviation Manuals

● Maintenance Solutions

● Training Solutions

● Preparation for Certification by International Bodies (IOSA, EASA,      FAA, NAA, e.t.c.)

● Pre-audit and audit preparation and compliance

● Aircraft pre-buy inspection and evaluation