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Quality Policy

Aviatec's Quality Policy in detail

Quality Policy

We are committed to high standards of Customer Satisfaction and will strive for Continual Improvement in our training and examination processes to ensure sustained and consistent quality of our services.

We accomplish this through the following course of action:

On customers: We listen to our customers, understand their learning needs and expectations and endeavour to satisfy those needs and expectations in a way that meets the expectations of our other stakeholders.

On Leadership: We establish and communicate our vision for the organization and through our leadership exemplify core values to guide the behavior of all.

On People: We involve our people in the organisation’s development, capitalize on their knowledge and experience, recognize their contribution and provide an environment in which they are motivated to realize their full potential.


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On Processes and systems: We take a process approach towards the management of work and manage our processes as a single system of interacting processes that produce outcomes that satisfy all our stakeholders.

On Continual Improvement: We constantly review our system and performance with the attitude that they always can be improved; we will look at failures as learning opportunities and not as finger-pointing (blaming people) events.

On Decisions: We base our decisions on the logical and intuitive analysis of data collected from our monitoring activities.

On Supplier relationships: We develop alliances with our suppliers and work with them to jointly improve performance.

On the environment, health and safety: We operate in a manner that safeguards the environment and the health and safety of our trainees, our staff and anybody who could be affected by our operations.


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